Equipment for the production fiberglass mesh

Equipment for the production fiberglass mesh

NBT sale and supply of equipment for the production of composite mesh glass roving and basalt roving. The grid is used as a reinforcing element for the construction work. The shape of composite mesh cells are usually divided into: a composite mesh with square mesh, composite mesh with rectangular cells. Composite mesh is available in the form of maps (sheets) and rolls. mesh width of up to 1000 mm. The diameter of the rod up to 5 mm.

  1. A Creel for mounting the spools of roving
  2. Impregnating bath with tensioning device
  3. Knot twist
  1. The node of the cover
  2. The chamber of polymerization
  3. Cooling bath
  1. Haul-off unit
  2. Cutting device


Dimensions: 14 * 1.5 * 2
Productivity — 1 meters per minute
mesh width — 0.5 meters
Filament diameter — of 2.5 to 4.5 mm
Cells — 50 mm * 50/100 * 100 mm / 150 mm * 150/200 * 200 mm
Leaf length — 0.5 m and not limitation
Staff — Two people
Operating power — 12 kW / h
The total capacity of the engine and the heaters at startup — 23-25 kW

The cost of the equipment includes:

installation of the equipment at the customer premises
hardware configuration
education technology
receiving the first trial batch of products

We offer cooperation for the franchise:

accommodation «NBT» equipment on the partner area
technology transfer and training of employees
raw material supply
opportunity for the brand «NBT» product sales
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